Monday, June 13, 2011

Going Bananas Trying to Pick Winners!

I must admit, this past weekend was the first time I really dove into the program at Mohawk and tried to wrap my brain around which horses would win, place, and show, and let me tell you, IT'S NOT EASY!  I've never used so much foul language in my entire life, and my beer drinking friends, who accompanied me on Friday night, have never laughed so hard in their my expense of course, literally!  I'm really not going to blame my less than stellar choices on the fact that I'm green at betting, or use some other excuse for not winning big, but I did learn a thing or all was not lost!  So Friday night comes, I have my program in front of me, I'm beaming like a solar eclipse, cause in my mind, I got it all figured out, crack open a Busch Light, and turn on HPItv.  And then it all turned to sh#t....this is how it went down, the quick version...

Race 1.  I picked Catch a Dragon, Lady Terror and Private Joke.  Private Joke broke stride, and Catch A Dragon and Lady Terror would have came 1-2 if the wire was on the turn for home. Bust.

Race 2.  My favorite gal pal, Lukes Sophie, looked like she was bobbing for apples coming down the backtsretch.  You couldn't help but think she's going lame; she placed a poor 4th.  Even the commentator could see it when he said, "Jamieson is trying to finesse Luke's Sophie around that turn".  I would think that she may need a "once over" at Ilderton?  My second choice, Fitness Girl, scratched, and Eagle Canada finished a respectable 2nd.

Race 3.  That was an easy ticket: Crys Dream won handily.

Race 4.  Of course the racing Gods were really pissing me off at this point, so what did they do to me in race 4?  Scratched my pick, Holiday Shopper.  But I did get a chuckle looking at the winner, Cheap Motel, who resembles one of the Budweiser Clydesdales...she's built like a barn, but can handle herself well around the track.

Race 6.  The Mohawk handicappers were weighing heavy on Panagler, but I truly believed Bunny In The Bank would clean their clocks pulling the 6 post.  NOT!  Damn it all....all the tougher to swallow because Panagler ran a beautiful race, and she's pretty to boot!

Mohawk-Saturday Night-June 11, 2011

Race 1.  I flipped my mouth off in Friday's blog post about how Blue Porsche was in the race and yada, yada, yada....well I should have shut up and listened!  I just couldn't get away from Mr. Joe Sixpack; he was three for three ITM going into this race, had a nice post, and a great driver, how could I not lean on this guy?  Placing 3rd is not going to cut it for me.

Race 2.  I knew hooves down See You At Peelers was going to win this, and she did, while my second pick, Honky Tonk Woman came 4th. (More of my hair was now pulled out!)

Race 3.  Big Jim was in this race and I KNEW he wouldn't win it;  I feel he's a bit tired, so with that being said, I picked Bestof best Hanover, competely overlooking Powerful Mist.  I'm definitely not a seasoned bettor at this point.

Race 4.  Yep.  The racing Gods are completely screwing with my head, as I thought Up The Credit's win last week was a fluke...Nope, it wasn't.  I picked Grams Legacy, who fell so far back in the race I thought he was headed to the concession stand for a freaking pretzel!  I believe he was disqualified and in all honesty, I hope he's ok.

Race 6.  I bet a long shot here, Dutch Richman, and he came in third, but so did Foreclosure N in a dead heat.  Oh well, I'll take it.  My other two picks, Mystician and Keystone Velocity decided that they would rather be riding horses in this race, placing 5th and 7th.  (More of my hair on the floor!)

Race 7.  The horse I picked in this race, Soulful Delight, seems to always be a bridesmaid and never a bride, as she came in 2nd in this race too.  (She place 2nd last time out by a whisker hair)  I'm sure pretty soon she'll get to the altar!

Race 10.  FINALLY I WON SOMETHING, albeit by a neck....My pick, Alexie Mattosie put me back into the betting game with some confidence.  Ok, ok, I know it's only one race out of a thousand, but who the hell cares!

Race 11.  Boy, if there was a prize for picking 3rd place finishers, I'd definitely win it.  While I thought Monkey On My Wheel would slip to the wire out front, she had to settle for "show", BUT, it was a very close finish, with the winner racing in 1:51, and Monkey On My Wheel finishing in 1:51:1....!!

As far as my pick in the 2011 Belmont Stakes.....I chose Brilliant Speed and of course, he placed THIRD!!  UGH!!

I will not give up on this betting "thing", so stay tuned for my picks for the North America Cup, which will take place this Saturday, June 18, 2011, at Mohawk!! 

Stay safe, keep your hooves on the ground, and keep reaching for the wire!!!

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