Thursday, May 5, 2016

The 2016 Twitter Derby - Questions & Answers

Here Are the Entrants for the 2016 Twitter Derby

PP1 - Trojan Nation - @RKLance

Question:  Not only is your Derby partner a maiden, he got the rail. What's your strategy to the first turn?

PP4 - Mo Tom - @maddogs_02199

Question:  What qualities do you like best about your Derby partner?


PP5 - Gun Runner - @Raps7

Question:  Using the PTPBI (Pull The Pocket Bath Index - Found @Pullthepocket), how would you rate this bath? (usatodaysportsimages)

PP6 - My Man Sam - @lillsnodden

Question:  Where would you like your Derby partner to be along the backstretch? Mid-pack? Up front?

PP7 - Oscar Nominated - @BlakeMacracing

Question:  He's a turf runner, what's your strategy with the whole "dirt in the face" issue if that happens?

PP8 - Lani - @Rblifeisgood

Question:  Lani?  Thoughts?

Here is his UAE Derby win:

PP10 - Whitmore - @AskRubenHow2Bet

Question:  Your Derby partner has a jockey that has won this race the last 2 times. Will he win it again?

PP12 - Tom's Ready - @gofilly

Question:  Is he?  What are your thoughts on this guy, besides that he LOVES to sleep?

PP13 - Nyquist - @horseraceguy101

Question:  Your Derby partner is the favorite, where would you like to see him placed on the turn for home?

PP14 - Mohaymen - @dmw_3747

Question:  Your Derby partner is tough to read when he's on the training track.  Are you convinced of his talent?

PP16 - Shagaf - @Chris_wponies

Question:  Your Derby partner is a beast-How much 'weight' (no pun intended) do you put on their physique when handicapping?

PP17 - Mor Spirit - @cambrown

Question:  Your Derby partner is being called the "Real Quiet" of the bunch.  Agree or disagree?

PP18 - Majesto - @The_Knight_Sky

Question:  Do you feel there's not enough 'love' for your Derby partner; That he's flying under the radar?

PP19 - Brody's Cause - @righthind

Question:  It's been said that your Derby partner pulled a horrible post.  Yes or no?  If yes, what's the strategy?

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Good Luck Everyone!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Night Under The Lights At Mohawk

Race 2 - Preferred Pick

Boomboom Ballykeel (L) - Sylvain Filion   
Twitter - @FilionStable

A fan favorite, this 5 year old son of Mach Three, has proven time and time again that he can compete in the upper echelon of his class.  Not only does he have gate speed, (a 25.4 and a 25.2 within the last month - you'd swear his teeth were attached to the gate off the start) he has no problem taking a back seat while watching the race unfold in front of him.  Planning his attack - (Thoroughbred Great, John Henry used to do that.)  I think his biggest rival in tonight's race will be his arch nemesis, (well, not really "nemesis"), NIRVANA SEELSTER, who clocked a 1:49.1 back on March 26 to take the win away from Boomboom.  Regardless, "Boomer" in PP1 tonight, is my pick to win.

Below is Boomboom Ballykeel [PP6] on April 2, 2016. (Place-Nirvana Seelster, Show-Nickle Bag)


Early Pick 4
R4 - 5, 8, 9
R5 - ALL
R6 - 3, 9
R7 - 2, 5, 6

For more insight about the late Pick 4 and all of tonight's action at Mohawk, visit these Twitter handles - Don't forget to use the hashtag #BetMohawk:








Here is Tonight's Program at Mohawk:  April 9, 2016

If you would like to share your picks for tonight's card at Mohawk, feel free to comment!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Than Words

I always seem to ponder questions the most when cleaning stalls, and this evening was no different.  Twitcapper posed this question on Twitter this afternoon:
I thought for a split second and then immediately chose ► A) “hell to the yeah”, but then I thought, “WHY did I choose this?”  I began to put “different hats” on my head – From the owner, right down to the person who washes the leg wraps, and even further down to the paper boy who delivers to the hot walker every morning. (Maybe a bit too far down?)  Needless to say, I came to the conclusion that it’s more than a 2:00 minute race.  It’s deeper than that, and with only 20 points, as Twitcapper poses in their question, what the hell makes me think I have a chance at winning?  Because it’s the Kentucky Derby.  It has its own orbit, it’s in its own universe, and anything can happen in its futile atmosphere.  When comparing it to its Prep Races, the variables involved in the running of this race could very well triple (or hide, then jump out, or spring up midway through).  Prep races are no match for the “Behemoth”.  Once the gate opens, all “bets” are off.
In the weeks preceding the Derby we see many write-ups about how a trainer feels his/her horse is coming along, workout times, or a handicapper's thought about what a "stand-out" horse races like in his preps, compared to "lucky wins" from unexpected horses.  But what about the people who work on these horses day and night?  What does it mean to them being in the Kentucky Derby?
So I throw on my "hats".  As an owner, trainer, hot walker, groom, exercise rider, stall cleaner, and even the paper boy, I can see that no matter where I rate on this list, the Kentucky Derby and its Triple Crown potential is somewhat indescribable.  The road to the Derby is long and winding and words are few and far between once there, or are they?  When you hear "My Old Kentucky Home", the challenges experienced below become obsolete and it all becomes worth it....

The Owner ► “It sure is expensive owning a race horse.”  They may no longer feel depleted, but energized.
The Trainer ► “He trains well, but I can’t figure him out sometimes.”  They may no longer feel frustrated, but uplifted.
The Hot Walker ► “I spent hours walking that damn horse down the shed row.”  They may no longer feel insignificant, but important.
The Groom ► “All I do is brush this horse constantly, he’s like Pig Pen from Peanuts!”  They may no longer feel counterproductive, but valuable.
The Exercise Rider ► “This horse rips my arms out every morning!”  They may no longer feel annoyed, but gratified.
The Stall Cleaner ► “This horse makes a complete mess of his stall overnight and it’s immaculate when I leave!”  They may no longer feel insufficient, but adequate.
And even...The Paper Boy ► “Hey, I deliver papers to the guy that hot walks the Kentucky Derby winner!”  They may no longer feel bullied, but befriended.
And while I cannot speak for the Derby entrants themselves, the infamous California Chrome and Wicked Strong, summed it up best.

With regard to the Kentucky Derby experience, some may say, “That’s the kinda stuff you only see in movies.”…No, that’s the kinda stuff movies are made from.