Friday, June 10, 2011

Everybody's Working For The Weekend, no wait, Everybody's RACING ON The Weekend!!

It's around this time every year that my heart starts beating a little faster after each weekend of racing because I know the NA Cup is just around the corner!  So let's get right to it....but first, I want to make mention of Standardbred Canada's FANTASTIC idea of creating a Harness Racing Fan Club, which will be the ONLY official harness racing fan club in North America.  JOIN, JOIN, JOIN...that's all I can say!  You can find out more details here:              I Love Canadian Harness Racing Fan Club

Now, back to racing.....LET'S GET IT ON!!

Mohawk-Tonight-June 10, 2011

Race 1.  F&M-Pacers-$25,000 Purse:  Now most punters out there are not going to be too keen on my selections, but then again, I don't care.  I like the 2, Catch A Dragon; she's ITM 56% of the time, has a nice pp, and one hell-uv-a driver to boot.  However, she needs to keep an eye out for the 6, Lady Terror, who also ranks 56% ITM, loves the outside posts and has legendary driver, Rick Zeron on the lines.  To finish up my trifecta I'm going with the 5 horse, Private Joke; lightly raced, but is not camera shy when she really wants to grind those gears. 

Race  2.  3-Yr-Old Fillies-Trotters-$35,000 Purse:  No funny business happening in this race, all horses are in the retention barn prior.  That being said, I cannot, and will not, give up on my all time favorite gal, the 1 horse, Lukes Sophie.  You could put lead in her wheels and you'll have a hard time out-maneuvering this filly.  She's on top of her game at the moment.  But that's not saying she won't have some competition, and that's coming from the 5 horse, Eagle Canada; gotta LOVE the 5 hole.  Tying it up in a neat little bow, I threw in the 3 horse, Fitness Girl.  She's lightly raced in 2011, her sire is Muscles Yankee, she'll have a new driver tonight with Macdonell, and you know the old saying, "Everything happens in three's", so hopefully the 3 hole will catapult her into the money.

Race 3.  3-Yr-Old Fillies-Trotters-$35,000 Purse:   Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy: Winning it should be Crys Dream and then whoever finishes the race after that about 5 minutes later.  Enough said.

Race 4.  F&M-Pacers-$12,500 Purse:  What woman doesn't like to shop?  Well, for one, I hate it, but in this race I'm weighing in heavy on the 8 horse, Holiday Shopper.  This Camluck gal has had a bit of Badluck recently when it comes to having her picture taken, but she does well when she draws a hell of a long way away from the rail;  she's 50% ITM and I really like Jason Brewer as her guide.

Race 6.  F&M-Pacers-$19,000 Purse:  The 6 horse still has my eye in this race, Bunny In The Bank; even though last time out he drew post 9 and ran like a bag of sh*t, I'm still supporting him.  And how could you not like Chris Christoforou?  ChrisChris is what I like to call him, it's easier.

Mohawk-June 11, 2011

Race 1.  3-Yr-Olds-Trotters-$30,000 Purse:  Now look, I realize Blue Porsche is in this race and yada, yada, yada, but I'm leaning on the Striking Sahbra phenome, the 4 horse, Mr. Joe Sixpack; he's 3 for 3 ITM and Jody Jamieson is as fit as this horse's name, so that's all folks.

Race 2.  3-Yr-Old Fillies-Pacers-$35,000 Purse:  All kiddies are in the retention barn before this race and while the 2 horse, See You At Peelers, seems to be breathing high quality oxygen during a race, I really like the 1 Horse, Honky Tonk Woman; she's been in the money each time out and she likes an inside post.  Plus I like when the Rolling Stones sang this song!

Race 3.  3-Yr-Old Elims-Pacers-$50,000 Purse:  Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Big Jim and as far as his driver, well, he's just dreamy, but back to reality.  Now let's get real here folks, Big Jim has been worked hard getting to where he is and I'm not saying he's lame, or tired, but man, this horse gets on the track and gives it his all each time out.  Racing weekly can definitely take it's toll, which is why I'm heading to the 5 horse, Bestofbest Hanover; he's ITM 3 out 4 times out, has a pretty post, and Moiseyev KNOWS he's racing against Big Jim.

Race 4.  3-Yr-Old Elims-Pacers-$50,000 Purse:  While I put Up The Credit ahead of Big Jim last week, I'm not so sure it wasn't the racing Gods playing head games with me, so this time out, I like the "under the radar" horse, in the 4 post, Grams Legacy.  He's not the favorite, but neither was Mine That Bird when he won the Kentucky Derby at 50-1 odds!  Betterthancheddar and Shadyshark Hanover round out my tri.

Race 6.  3-Yr-Old Elims-Pacers-$50,000 Purse:  Going a little outside the box here and taking the 5 horse, Dutch Richman-a WAY out in left field pick, I know, but I think Tim Tetrick can give this horse some confidence.  The 1 horse, Mystician and the 3 horse, Keystone Velocity round out the rest for me.

Race 7.  1 Horse, Soulful Delight-She got robbed of first last time out by about a whisker hair, but when she draws the inside, she can control the field like a pro.

Race 10.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and DOUBLE LOVE the 3 horse, Alexie Mattosie; Nice post, nice driver, and nice morning line odds.

Race 11.  The 2 horse, Monkey On My Wheel should leave the field going bananas, when they can't figure out how she went so fast! 

Well folks, that's who and what I'm betting on this weekend and DON'T forget about the Belmont Stakes on Saturday!!  You can view the entries here:  The 2011 Belmont Stakes

My pick:  The 5 Horse, Brilliant Speed

Good Luck To All!!!

Stay safe, and keep your hooves on the ground and keep reaching for the wire!!

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