Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ontario Sires Stakes History

I was recently given an Ontario Sires Stakes trophy which dates back to 1975, and as some of you may or may not know, the OSS began in 1974, so I was quite excited about receiving this little bit of history.  The trophy itself is for the "Two-Year-Old Colt Pace", which was held at Kawartha Downs Raceway, and the winning horse had a spectacular time of 2:08 4/5......Hmm, makes you wonder where all this new-found speed has come from nowadays??  That being said, I gently placed it atop my mantle (it's really quite heavy), and daydreamed about how great it must have been to have won something so sought-after. 

Well, a bit of time passed and just today I found myself rummaging through an antique and collectibles store and what do you think caught my eye??  Why yet ANOTHER Ontario Sires Stakes trophy!!  This one is much heavier than the above mentioned, but unfortunately the gold plaque had been removed, so I have no way of telling who won it or in what year they won it.

The base is made of polished, painted wood and the main part of the trophy is all glass, and yes, it's extremely heavy; I would say a good 5 pounds at least!  After getting some odd looks from the dealer as to why I would want such a thing, and after haggling a small discount on the price, I quickly took my treasure home and jumped on the computer.  I googled "Ontario Sires Stakes Trophies", and found not ONE photo or image of an OSS trophy-from today or since its inception in 1974!  I would really like to aim at collecting these if possible but it seems rather IMPOSSIBLE to even find what the other years look like.  So, if anyone has any information about the trophies I would be grateful to hear from you.  I'm guessing this is going to be quite tough-to try and collect one from each year-but this would be an awesome challenge for me!

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