Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daylon Magician...Poof, He's Gone!

Yes, I realize its been a while since I posted but I've been bombarded with University courses that I just HAD to complete....UGH!!  Passing all my exams is a complete relief, but I've still been keeping up with all the harness racing action as well.  Hmm, let's see, what am I really ticked off at the most?  Well, I heard that See You At Peelers is retired (if true, its really no surprise to me-if racing compromises her health then better to be safe than sorry), and Daylon Magician is retiring to stud at Tara Hills.......REALLY?  This one I can't wrap my head around.  Let's break it down:  You have an exceptional horse that brings the industry to their feet while watching him race; he has a fan following; brings people to the track; seems to be sound, fit, and enjoys racing, has a lock on the Three-Year-Old Trotting Colt of the Year award, and his connections want to shuttle him off to a breeding shed????  Might as well get used to it folks, "There's more money as a sire than at the wire".  Hey, I should write a book..."From Wire to Sire"....I would need a thousand pages or so to tell the tale........Ok, granted, I'm not his owner, but as someone who's part of an industry that seems to be stagnate, do I not have a say?  Even a microscopic one?  He's THREE for crying out loud---His spine hasn't even completed its growth stage yet!  UGH!!  Just one of many more to be taken away from us way too soon...

On a positive note:  Monkey On My Wheel WILL BE RETURNING for a four year old campaign!!
The $5,500 purchase at the Spring Mixed Sale back in June of 2009 is money well spent and has earned over a million dollars thus far!  She is my favorite gal on the track!  Congratulations to all her connections and I can't wait to see her in 2012!


  1. Peelers had a great run and now she will retire to maybe, one day, have one of her own race and dominate like she did. Peelers was the talk of racing and she really helped in putting harness racing back on the map.

    Sorry to see her retire.

  2. SYAP will always be a favorite of mine! :)