Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If I Owned Trot Magazine......

I must admit, I'm an avid reader of Trot Magazine.  I think the format encompasses everything a harness enthusiast would like to read, and a great deal of the stories are quite heartfelt and hit close to home.  Each month I anxiously await the next issue and most of the time I'm done the entire magazine by the end of the night.  That being said, I always watch for which horse (or person) makes the cover, but sometimes my advertising/photography urges take over and I end up thinking, "Boy, I bet I could create a cover of Trot"!  Well, I did.  Except my covers end up being a little controversial and sometimes a bit too creative.  While these are only "mock" creations of the covers, I never do them in bad taste, or try to discredit the creators of Trot, because I truly LOVE the magazine.....But sometimes I think they should really "Tell it like it is" in some cases......

June 2011 Cover-We all know that rain and mud causes havoc on the farm...case in point:

December 2010 Cover-Race fixing:

July 2011 Cover-Drugs in the industry:

 September 2011 Cover-How many racehorses fall into the slaughter pipeline:

And finally...

October 2011 Cover-Ensure that however you get your horse anywhere....it's safe:

Seasons Greetings Everyone!!!

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