Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Joisey Bound!!

Phew, done my projects, now onto my exam - But enough about that, I don't want to bore the hell out of you!

Let's go to the New Jersey Sire Stakes Finals on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at the Big M!

2-3-4-6...No, that's not my superfecta picks, but the races to watch out for on Saturday!

Girls On Film!!  Nope, not the Duran Duran song, but race number 2 for the NJSS 3yo pacing fillies!  In this race we see the likes of Pretty Katherine (all but once a bridesmaid), Krispy Apple (the backstretch tornado -they never see her coming), Rocklamation (the silent sleeper), Honky Tonk Woman (she's a "rolling stone" when she gets her speed going), and Mystical Diva (diva is as diva does).  Nonetheless, this will be a real nail biter of a race, er a hoof biter of a race.  Don't miss this one.

Here's the lineup:

1.  Rocklamation
2.  Pretty Katherine
3.  Honky Tonk Woman
4.  Caviart Sarah
5.  Myluvmylife
6.  Weekend Update
7.  Krispy Apple
8.  Mystical Diva

Onto race 3 for 3yo NJSS trotting fillies!  These gals are hot to trot (Bad joke)  Ahem, anyways Hey Mister has my vote here (Is this not a filly?)  Enough said.

Here's the lineup:

1.  Tui
2.  Creme De Cocoa
3.  Wincinnatti
4.  Hey Mister
5.  Sashay
6.  Lost Symbol
7.  Southwind Amiga
8.  Firstclassprincess
9.  Tawesome More
10.  Dixieland Delite

MOMM's the word!  Manofmanymissions definitely needs to redeem himself after the dismal finish in the Hambletonian last weekend, and he will have his opportunity in the 4th Race for NJSS 3yo Colt Trot.  A couple problems I see heading towards him in this race, and they sport the names of Whiskey Tax, Vc Chocoholic, and Whit.  Now MOMM is the current favorite, but to me, I just don't feel "safe" enough to bet on him - he's like one of those spinning tops you played with as a kid - you just don't know if he's going to hold his position or shoot right out off the table!  Still debating, I'll look at him in the post parade and make a decision then.

Here's the lineup:

1.  Whiskey Tax
2.  Take Heart
3.  Vc Chocoholic
4.  Big Sky Storm
5.  Whit
6.  Guiltywithanexcuse
7.  Winuendo
8.  Celebrity Bombay
9.  Charlie De Vie
10.  Manofmanymissions

Race 6 will show us Big Jim once again, and he too may have his hooves full - with the likes of Shadyshark Hanover, Rock'em and Rockstar Temper!  Oh hell, they're ALL good horses in this line-up!  Let's just say it'll be an exciting race!

Here's the lineup:

1.  Rockstar Temper
2.  High Noon
3.  Roll'em Up
4.  Lizard King
5.  Best Man Hanover
6.  Big Jim
7.  Rock'em
8.  Shadyshark Hanover
9.  Lookinforadventure

Notes & Totes

*  Heads To Roll - Nope, not a Rocknroll Hanover progeny, but the title of the article concerning the "swabbing scandal" in New South Wales!

*  A casino battle is brewing in Ontario - Slot Revenue Debate

*  Secretsothernephew stopped the clock in 1:49.4 at the Little M (Mohawk) last night, as he chewed up the track in fast fractions:  12.4 - 26.2 - 54 - 1:22.3 - 1:36, coming his last 1/4 in 27.1.

Stay safe, keep your hooves on the ground, and keep reaching for the wire!

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