Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'll Take "Exactas" for $800, Alex!

We've all had it done to us in our trifectas...The horse we picked to win, wins, the horse we picked to place, places, and then WHAMO, the horse we picked to show, is off having a pretzel at one of the concession stands!  Since that's happened to me about, ohhhhhh, a thousand times, I have decided that today I will make only exacta picks and I will also be placing them in a "box".  Hey, I'm not a seasoned bettor, so I'm entitled!  Now for all you newbie bettors, placing your picks in a "box" means that your two horses can come 1-2 in either order.  For example, if you pick Noname Hanover to win and Fictitious to place, and Fictitious wins and Noname Hanover places - you still win!

Here we go, off to the NJSS Finals at the Big M:

Race 2-Post Time 7:20pm

Krispy Apple - Rocklamation

Race 3-Post Time 7:40pm

Hey Mister - Wincinnatti

Race 4-Post Time 8:00pm

Manofmanymissions - Whit

Race 6-Post Time 8:40pm

Shadyshark Hanover - Big Jim

Flamboro Raceway on Sunday:

Race 6-Post Time 2:43pm

Mr Joe Sixpack - Undercover Strike

Race 8-Confederation Cup Elimination-Post Time 3:25pm

Prodigal Seelster (7-2)
Mystician (3-1)
Foreclosure N (4-1)
Mystic Desire (9-2)
Odysseus Bluechip (6-1)
Arsenal (8-1)
Up The Credit (2-1)
Bestofbest Hanover (10-1)

Foreclosure N - Mystician

Race 9-Confederation Cup Elimination-Post Time 3:47pm

Mickey Hanover (7-2)
Eighteen (8-1)
Rollwithitharry (2-1)
Townslight Hanover (4-1)
Keystone Velocity (9-2)
Hare Craft (6-1)
Rock To Glory (10-1)
Wink N Atcha (3-1)

Wink N Atcha - Rollwithitharry

Race 12-Confederation Cup Final-Post Time 5:00pm

Would like to see Foreclosure N win the Cup, but this will be based on the above mentioned elimination races.  The top four finishers from each heat plus one 5th place finisher.

1. Arsenal
2. Bestofbest Hanover
3. Eighteen
4. Foreclosure N
5. Hare Craft
6. Keystone Velocity
7. Mickey Hanover
8. Mystic Desire
9. Mystician
10. Odysseus Bluechip
11. Prodigal Seelster
12. Rock To Glory
13. Rollwithitharry
14. Townslight Hanover
15. Up The Credit
16. Wink N Atcha

Notes and Totes

* See You At Peelers is racing Sunday at Tioga Downs
* NJRC Holds Crys Dream Winnings  and View From The Racetrack Grandstand Delves Into The New Dick Francis Novel - Dare To Dream (Actually, it's more about the case regarding Crys Dream)
* New Enhanced Testing For Clenbuterol

Good Luck To All This Weekend!!

Stay safe, keep your hooves on the ground, and keep reaching for the wire!

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