Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just For Laughs!

Most of the time I'll blog about the goings-on in the world of horse racing, however, today I decided to lighten the mood a bit!  Sometimes it just feels good to laugh.....

Are you a stall-bound horse?  Want to amuse yourself and your human?  Well, here are some fun activities for you!

1)  Poop in the Water Game:  This will test your coordination and spatial abilities.  Horses all over the world practise this, every day.  You must try to poop in your water container.  If your water container is too high to poop in, you can attempt to poop on the stall's door, or on the wall.  This also gives your human something to do---when they see what you've done, they will marvel at your special abilities, then happily provide you with fresh water.

2)  Pee in the Water Game:  A real challenge for geldings and stallions!  Attempt to pee in your water container.  This is a very challenging game.  If your water container is up against a wall, you may try to drag it into the middle of your stall.  If your human is dull and fails to realize that you've peed in your water, simply dump it out and they will refill it.

3)  Artistic Wood Carving:  You can become a wood carver.  Use your teeth to chisel the wood of your stall into a beautiful piece of art!  At first, you can start with simple shapes---such as the half-moon bite shape---and as you become more advanced you can try different forms (big curve shape or multiple bite shapes).  Your human will really appreciate this.  Some humans will actually remove your artwork from the stall, and put up fresh, new, unchewed boards---encouraging you to develop your artistic abilities with a fresh, new canvas!

4)  Grain Spilling Game:  Try to dump out all of your grain from your grain bucket/container, by turning it over with your nose.  It is a fun game.  You can even continue to flip the container to be sure that all the grain is dumped on the ground.  Then, using your delicate muzzle to guide you, try to pick up all the grain, sorting through out the bedding and poop.  Amusing, and it makes your grain last longer.  Your human will appreciate it too---he/she may even bring you a new bucket of grain, or challenge you to become better by using more difficult containers!

5)  Hay Dunking:  In this game, you'll try to grab a bite of hay, carry it to your water container, and dump it in.  Dropping hay in your water is fun for both you and your human!  Although it's just hay, they will probably come in your stall and remove it from your water (then you can dump more in).  This gives humans something to do.

6)  Who Can Be The Loudest:  If you're stalled with other horses, try a little friendly competition with this game.  When it's feeding time, see who can neigh, bang, scream, and kick the loudest in their stalls.  Humans will instinctively throw food to the noisiest, most demanding horse, so try to be THAT horse.  The winner is the horse that the human feeds first.

7)  Smoosh The Bedding:  In this game, you can attempt to mix your bedding, poop, and hay all together. You do this by walking all around in your stall, until you get a good, even mixture.  Again, this provides entertainment and exercise for your human, because they will have to clean it all up.

8)  Roll in the Stall:  Attempt to get a good roll, in your stall.  If your stall is big, this is easy; however, the smaller the stall, the more difficult it can become.  The object is to roll, well, without getting stuck.  There is some danger involved in this game, as you could roll up near a wall and get stuck.  If you get stuck, make sure you thrash so that your human will notice you, nearly have a heart attack, then come to your rescue. This game is best played when humans are around.

9)  Mane Rubbing:  Try to rub your mane out in certain spots.  Humans like neat manes.  That is why they comb, spray, and pull your mane;  Save them work by pulling your mane yourself!  You can stick your head through the stall and try to rub the top of your neck.  Or, just rub it on the side of a wall.  This will give your mane a nice look that humans appreciate (clumps of hair missing).  You'll save them time on having to pull your mane or trim a bridle path.

10)  Unique Pooping:  This not only provides fun for you, but fun for the human as well, because it makes the regular boring task of mucking more interesting.  Try pooping in unusual areas.  Poop on top of your door latches, or poop on window ledges.  Poop in any food containers, or on top of salt licks.  Try to poop any place that is not the ground.


What's Up For Tonight?

O.S.S Super Finals at Woodbine, to view tonight's card click here

The $400,000 Messenger Final Three-Year-Old Open Pace at Yonkers-Post Time 9:30pm
(Entries Below)

1.  Hillbilly Hanover  (4-1)
2.  Domethatagain  (10-1)
3.  A Rocknroll Dance  (5-1)
4.  Lawgiver Hanover  (12-1)
5.  Bolt The Duer  (5-1)
6.  Major Bombay  (6-1)
7.  Pet Rock  (3-1)
8.  Steelhead Hanover  (15-1)

Where Are The Favorites Racing Tonight?

Hurrikane Kingcole--Balmoral Park--Race 10--Post 1--The $260,000 AmerNat-3

Market Share--Balmoral Park--Race 8--Post 5--The $235,000 AmerNat-3

Chapter Seven--Balmoral Park--Race 7--Post 5--The $180,000 AmNational

Golden Receiver & Foiled Again--Balmoral Park--Race 9--Posts 8 & 9--The $182,000 AmNational

Economy Terror--Yonkers Raceway--Race 6--Post 4--The $230,000 Lady Maud

Prestidigitator--Woodbine--Race 5--Post 8--The $300,000 OSS Super Final

Michaels Power & Warrawee Needy--Woodbine--Race 10--Posts 3 & 1--The $300,000 OSS Super Final

Tarpon Hanover--Woodbine--Race 9--Post 3--The $300,000 OSS Super Final

Miss Paris--Woodbine--Race 8--Post 1--The $300,000 OSS Super Final

Mach A Wish & Class Of O Nine--Woodbine--Race 7--Posts 3 & 2--The $300,000 OSS Super Final

Bee A Magician--Woodbine--Race 2--Post 4--The $300,000 OSS Super Final

Good Luck To All!!

Stay safe, keep your hooves on the ground, and keep reaching for the wire!

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