Monday, July 4, 2011

Can We Use Astrology to Pick Winners?

I'll admit, I love astrology, but I'm not quite sure that knowing a horse's "sign" is going to put you in the money, let alone the winner's circle.  While perusing the internet, I decided to google it, (what the hell), and amazingly their are websites out there that do believe you can win using the "stars".  There's even software to help you out!  I know, weird eh??  Anyways, I began reading an article that wasn't so much about using astrology, but about basing your picks on a concept called, "Synchronicity".  No, that doesn't mean you listen to the band, The Police, and then pick, but it's based on the concept that YOU WILL ONLY WIN MONEY WHEN YOUR PROGRESSIONS AND TRANSITS ALLOW IT.  Huh?  Well, that's what this guy says.  He also says to find any possible reason to bet against the public.  Well, I've done that once or twice, only to end up getting my a## kicked at the wire.  Didn't work.

So here's a clip from his blog - let's read what his crystal ball says:

"Anyone can spot a horse with form! It really does not benefit you to bank a horse with a good form line unless you absolutely have to. These favorites don't come in 25 percent of the time, and that is where the big money lies. I studied the discarded tickets of thousands of other punters, noticing the ‘pipes’, legs in which up to 99 percent of punters went ‘thin’ on a favorite, and the large payouts that occurred when these 'pipes' burst. Many factors can cause this to happen. Jockeys can ride a horse incorrectly, choose the wrong lines, read the pace incorrectly, front-run a non front-running horse, get 'boxed in' or purposefully lean on the horse’s neck at the 200 to slow it up. Lots of things can go wrong.

At the age of 28, I was introduced to a punter known in several cities as the ‘Master’. He showed me how to take ‘consolation bets’ (betting against yourself in case your own ‘pipe' bursts: a small 'consolation' ticket can sometimes pay huge dividends). He taught me how to follow breeding (of the horses' parents and grandparents) versus distance, and focus on betting, which was similar to receiving the best tips from the best stables simultaneously, since nobody likes to lose money. If a horse was previously punted heavily for no apparent reason, and came nowhere, then it is almost a sure-fire thing for the next meeting or two, and the odds will be better. Horses, like humans, also have bad days.

The ‘Master’ has made hundreds of thousands of rands from horse-racing, all with reasonably small bets. I keep records of my small wagers, and am also well ahead. (By the way, I only know a handful of successful punters, and they all bet against favorites whenever possible). Racing is truly a challenging game of skill, allowing players to excercise far more control than with other more sterile odds-based methods of gambling.

The best advice I can give is: You can save yourself a lot of time by avoiding the time-consuming study-path mentioned above. The rules always boil down to the same basic paradigm: YOU WILL ONLY WIN MONEY WHEN YOUR PROGRESSIONS AND TRANSITS ALLOW. I cannot stress this point enough. At the times permitted for you to win money, whatever method you employ to make your bets will work. Therefore, why choose a more difficult path of calculation? After studying factors influencing horse-races for many years, I can report that a method that offers equally good results is based on the concept of synchronicity.

You wonder how that lady down the road picked the winner 'In Full Flight' of this year's big race? It's because her daughter caught a plane that morning! They are all over the place, a huge, unrepresented number of mainly women who consistently pick winners based on events happening to themselves or the world at the time. Believe it or not, synchronicity really works. Women are intrinsically more intuitive than men. They have had to evolve that way to safeguard the homes and emotional centres of our communities. When it comes to intuition, they beat men hands-down. That is the reason why so many more women follow Astrology, they are able to see the truth that lies beyond the scientific reasons as to why it should not work.

It is hard for me to teach you to spot synchronicity in your own lives. Perhaps a few examples that happened to me will help.

A while back, I was lying in hospital in pain with a stuck kidney-stone and read that a horse, 'Flaming Rock', was running in the Rothman's July Handicap, our biggest race. During that same week, comet Shoemaker-Levy crashed into Jupiter. I banked the horse and it won the July.

A while later, a horse called 'Lethal Attack' was running in the same week that there had been a nerve-gas attack in a Tokyo subway. It won.

These are examples of what I call 'Global' synchronicity. There is also another form that works very well, and let's just call that 'Personal' synchronicity for now. It occurs when an external concept ties up with something that is only relevant to you or your close circle at that time. For instance, suppose yesterday you read an article about, say, Eagles. Today there is a horse running called 'Eagle Rising'. The chances of that horse of being in the money today, placing or even winning, are excellent. You have to learn how to spot a synchronous tie-up, and to know when it is too vague to be of relevance.

A final form of synchronicity (that I am aware of) is synchronicity that occurs within the names of the horses in each race. I have had hundreds of examples of this, and it seems to work about three-quarters of the time. It needs you to be relaxed, alert and requires some delicate handling of your intuition. For example, if there are horses running called 'Royal King' and 'Royal Ruler' in the same race, it is very likely that at least one of these horses will win or place. Often both come in. Study of this has convinced me that it occurs more than the average amount of times, had it been caused by 'chance'. Note, I say 'place', they do not necessarily win, they are just in the money. You will have to experiment with this concept to find whether it works for you."

So there you have it, get yourself synchronized and get out there and bet your socks off.  Ok, this is extremely odd because as I'm typing this blog post, "Stompin Tom", is playing his infamous song, "The Good Old Hockey Game" on my radio!  Hang on...going to quickly look at a few entries for this week at my local track...

(insert elevator music here)

Guess who I'm betting in the 10th race at Hiawatha this Thursday?  The 7 horse, Heshoots Hescores!!  Let's see if this "sync" stuff really works!!!   

Stay safe, keep your hooves on the ground, and keep reaching for the wire.

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