Thursday, May 5, 2016

The 2016 Twitter Derby - Questions & Answers

Here Are the Entrants for the 2016 Twitter Derby

PP1 - Trojan Nation - @RKLance

Question:  Not only is your Derby partner a maiden, he got the rail. What's your strategy to the first turn?

PP4 - Mo Tom - @maddogs_02199

Question:  What qualities do you like best about your Derby partner?


PP5 - Gun Runner - @Raps7

Question:  Using the PTPBI (Pull The Pocket Bath Index - Found @Pullthepocket), how would you rate this bath? (usatodaysportsimages)

PP6 - My Man Sam - @lillsnodden

Question:  Where would you like your Derby partner to be along the backstretch? Mid-pack? Up front?

PP7 - Oscar Nominated - @BlakeMacracing

Question:  He's a turf runner, what's your strategy with the whole "dirt in the face" issue if that happens?

PP8 - Lani - @Rblifeisgood

Question:  Lani?  Thoughts?

Here is his UAE Derby win:

PP10 - Whitmore - @AskRubenHow2Bet

Question:  Your Derby partner has a jockey that has won this race the last 2 times. Will he win it again?

PP12 - Tom's Ready - @gofilly

Question:  Is he?  What are your thoughts on this guy, besides that he LOVES to sleep?

PP13 - Nyquist - @horseraceguy101

Question:  Your Derby partner is the favorite, where would you like to see him placed on the turn for home?

PP14 - Mohaymen - @dmw_3747

Question:  Your Derby partner is tough to read when he's on the training track.  Are you convinced of his talent?

PP16 - Shagaf - @Chris_wponies

Question:  Your Derby partner is a beast-How much 'weight' (no pun intended) do you put on their physique when handicapping?

PP17 - Mor Spirit - @cambrown

Question:  Your Derby partner is being called the "Real Quiet" of the bunch.  Agree or disagree?

PP18 - Majesto - @The_Knight_Sky

Question:  Do you feel there's not enough 'love' for your Derby partner; That he's flying under the radar?

PP19 - Brody's Cause - @righthind

Question:  It's been said that your Derby partner pulled a horrible post.  Yes or no?  If yes, what's the strategy?

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Good Luck Everyone!

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