Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where, Is Our Triple Crown Winner...

I think I have finally come to the realization that I won't be seeing a Triple Crown Winner any time soon.  Why is this?  Why is it that back in the 70's we ended up producing three - Secretariat - Seattle Slew - Affirmed, and after 33 years of nail biting Preakness' and Belmonts, we have failed to produce?  I'm certainly not a hard core bettor, in fact, I've never laid a Queen's head on any horse in the Kentucky Derby.  This race has it's own orbit, is in it's own universe, and one would have a better chance at putting all the horses' names on a dart board and produce a pick that way.  This theory became clear as day when back on the first Saturday of May of this year, when Dialed In could have gotten a room with the commentators they were so infatuated with him.  Are these guys for real?  They spent the entire day of broadcasting talking about Zito and this super horse.  Now I'm not saying Dialed In doesn't have a sweet pedigree, cause he does, or that Nick Zito doesn't know his way to the winner's circle at the derby, cause HE does, but you put 20 lightly raced, unproven horses in a starting gate and any one of them could win it.  The proof's in the pudding when we seen a few of these longshots take home the blanket of roses: Giacomo (2005-50/1), Mine That Bird (2009-50/1), Charismatic (1999-31/1), Thundergulch (1995-24/1).  So what does the industry need to do, or need to stop doing, in order for history to be revisited once again?  Here's the first thing they should do:

1.  Adopt a unified governing body in the industry; one that overlooks the entire playing field; provides the same rules from track to track and enforces the same fines and suspensions throughout.

2.  Get rid of the "chemical warfare" and corruption that's going on in order for trainers and owners to win

Now you fill in the rest....  

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